Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ehhhh, Mary!!!

There's a Mary Poppins Sing-Along happening in Wilmette tomorrow.

That live cast of professional actors mentioned in the Trib?

That would be me and Philip, who keeps saying, "Ehhhhh, Mary!!!" every time he sees me. He's trying to be Dick Van Dyke trying to do a Cockney accent.

I'll be talking British which is way easier, but not as easy as I thought it was in high school. I'm sure it will be fine because Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way and not to be mocked.

Things I've learned by revisiting Mary Poppins:

a) There are two lullabies built into the movie. That's why you always got groggy and ill-tempered or fell asleep entirely during all the creepy bank stuff at the end. I hope this won't happen in the theater tomorrow.

b) Mary Poppins is quite vain and a lot-a-bit sassy-pants, which I can do, so that's good.

c) It is way more fun to watch this movie when you are adult enough to recognize how dreamy Dick Van Dyke was. Swoon. Drool.

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