Monday, May 10, 2010

Last night I woke up kicking

. . . and terrified, dreaming about some new monsters, something like vampire demons. The younger one was a friend, turned. I knew I could take her. The other one had some ancient, evil mojo that I couldn't fight. I kept locking the door, but she had a key.

The nightmare itself was cool. The gasping, violent kicking at my mattress, not so much.

But when I woke in the morning, I wrote like crazy. I felt like something hard got pushed out of the way -- not from the dream so much as from the work I did last week. I hope it stays like this all through the draft, that I finish it quick.



You might have seen a bad TV show or read a horrible book...If so do not repeat!

evandebacle said...

I find that - and this is surely a credit to how you write - that I react viscerally when I read one of your posts about dreaming and writing. It's almost an anxiety. Don't know if it's caused by reading about writing, reading about dreaming, or personally not being able to write about dreaming...or not having your mad vampire demon slaying skills.

Rachel Wilson said...

I don't really need to watch or read horrible things to have dreams about them. Mostly I like my scary dreams when they don't wake me up.

And I take that as a high compliment, Evan, to cause anxiety in others!