Friday, September 17, 2010

How I Spent My Summer, Part the First

This has become the saddest blog. I know.

Instead of a big update, I'm going to do several little ones to catch myself up, and maybe I'll leave some things out entirely, because the present is what it's all about.

But because it was a packed and positive summer, I'll try to hit some of the highlights . . .

I worked at a summer program in Wilmette during July, helping 3rd-5th graders create both a short film and a short play. They had two weeks total to create the film, and they shot it in two days. The result was a dystopian action flick in which a child becomes governor of California, and I'm so proud of them!

And here's more about the program, with some shots of me teaching. In one shot I believe I may or may not be crawling on the floor like a jungle cat. Yes!

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