Monday, October 29, 2012

World Saved

I've been a bad blogger, but I've been good at some other things.

My theater company likes to sing about saving the world -- I mean, the last line of our closing number in That's Weird, Grandma is "World Saved!" It's cavalier, but the humans I know seem happiest when they believe they're doing some good in the world.   

Well, there's a song in Chicago's Weird, Grandma right now based on "Too Much Pressure" by Lazaireus P., a kid I taught at Morton Elementary, in which Batman sings: 
"I think I shouldn’t have to save the world every day is because I is saving the world every day."

I feel a little bit like Batman today though I know I am lucky. This is the schedule: 
5:35 -- Alarm!
6:25 -- Pick up fellow Monkey actor Immanuel
7:00 -- Breakfast Meeting
8:00 -- Rehearse at Chalmers Elementary
10:00 -- Perform in Brand New Chalmers Show
11:30 -- Make movie about giving birth to help train doctors in South America? Long story. 
3:00 -- After-School Program Meeting
4:00 -- After-School Program rocks the children's minds
6:45 -- Rehearse for Chicago's Weird Grandma
8:00 -- Perform in Brand New Chicago's Weird, Grandma show

World. Saved. 

by Lazaireus Peoples, 5th Grade Morton 2012 Argument
(Song composed by Nicholas Hart)
I am Batman and I believe that I shouldn’t save the world every day. One reason why I think I shouldn’t have to save the world every day is because I is saving the world every day and he has a life and it should not just be about saving people because he could probably die just like other humans could. One more reason is because while he is outside trying to save the world who will save his family from danger because it’s not like he could teleport. The end

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David Oliver said...

I have been clicking "next blog" just to see what is out there. Out of 20 or so blogs, yours is the first one I found interesting.