Sunday, July 20, 2008

About that class name

As Ginger posted (the pic here is hers), our class had fun, maybe a little too much fun, choosing a name. Traditionally, the third semester students in my Vermont College program choose and announce a class name during residency.

They don't traditionally chalk the entire campus with weird little symbols, leading Sharon Darrow to speculate that the city's putting in a new sewer line, or get Tobin Anderson to plant said symbols in his lecture slides. They don't traditionally pass out weird little hints on scrolls with burnt edges at the party, nor do they traditionally hang their logo out a fourth floor window, but we did all those things.

When kids from the local day camp asked me what the logo meant, I pointed to an alum under a tree and told them I couldn't risk her overhearing.

"Does she spy a lot?" a boy asked.

I nodded, and he understood.

The S cubed, Q squared stands for The Super Secret Society of Quirk and Quill, AKA The Quills. Something along the lines of this name popped into my head during my pre-res shower at the Holiday Inn, but the final version (and the decades of lore we've now attached to it) was a true collaborative effort.

We revealed our class name by candlelight in College Hall Chapel, marching towards the organ chanting, "I do not like green eggs and ham," and smacking our foreheads with placards.

Prepare for your memory to be erased and this post to self-destruct, because everything I've just said is super secret. Shhhhh!

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Anonymous said...

That's a very cool name. Much better than some alternatives I can recall being suggested... :)