Monday, October 13, 2008

Cuteness Break

I just finished knitting this hat, an adaptation of the "Miss Dashwood" pattern from Knitty. It's looks adorable on Parker, who was very kind to model it for me, but it's even cuter on its new owner, baby Harper.

And a reading update: I'm back to Pedro Parama. I took a break for Specials by Scott Westerfeld and Thirsty by M.T. Anderson. I read them fast -- one's a dystopian future, one's to do with vampires, two of my favorite things. Now it's back to the surrealist masterpiece, which I'm sure will be great, if I can get over my resistance and read more than thirty pages.


Mikey said...

I have to imagine those pictures were taken quickly before Parker shook loose the hat. She will not be objectified!

Rachel Wilson said...

Believe it or not, Parker's quite the model when she's in the right mood. She has a well-developed ego and a prissy streak, so she was very patient.