Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Headlamp!

It's late Thursday, early Friday, so my birthday's officially over, but the taste of champagne truffle lingers on. Thanks to family and friends, my home is full of sweetness. It's been a pretty brilliant day.

Midnight found me playing Incan Gold with a few of my favorite people.

Yes, I'm wearing a headlamp. No, I can't explain why. Just further proof that my nerdiness knows no bounds.

This morning, I made about 50 calls to Ohio on behalf of Obama. Lots of the people I talked to had already voted for him early -- nice to hear -- but I had at least one good conversation with an undecided voter and helped another woman with a broken leg figure out how to vote absentee.

Later, I did a new yoga podcast from my former teacher in LA, Hillary Rubin. It's #67 if you want to try it out, and it's pretty fantastic.

And tonight, some more of my favorite people joined me for a trip out to Spring Grove to visit the world's largest corn maze.

It's tilled with GPS guidance on 28 acres with 11.1 miles of trail. This year, it, like everything else, is political.

Lacy said it far surpassed her expectations for what a corn maze could be. I heartily agree. I went back and forth between feeling at peace with the rustling corn on a gorgeous night and feeling pleasantly maddened by being walled in. We were brilliant and brought no artificial light beyond our cell phones, so that heightened both extremes.

After the maze, we played on the 50 foot slide and found a campfire. My hair still smells like it. That makes me feel like I went camping on my birthday, which if you're me, is a really nice feeling.

Note to self: One does not need a headlamp to play a card game. Headlamps can however be useful when navigating 11.1 miles of corn maze in the dark.

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