Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Into the Dark

I'm back in it. I reorganized more than 10,000 words at the start of my novel tonight. I have to take a breather because while reorganizing, I cut some bits that I really like, and it's about all the cutting I can take at the moment. If I work on it more right now, I'll want to put stuff back in. If I wait until tomorrow, I might be able to see whether or not I like the changes.

The word count game is done for the moment -- it worked to get me through the first third of the novel, but it's too messy to keep up. I'm working on big ideas and making changes to ittybitty sections all over the place. I still hope to be done revising in early November, but there isn't a rush.

Charts are satisfying, but writing and math are two different subjects.

Playing on Caddie's new Pandora radio:
"Stockholm Syndrome" Yo Lo Tenga
"Things We Said Today" The Beatles
"Engine Heart" Mirah
"Skeleton Song" Kate Nash
"True Affection" The Blow

And this Death Cab for Cutie, which suits the season . . .

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