Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things I Loved about 2010:

Joining a gym -- best choice of the year!

Seeing Barrel of Monkeys pick up some new funding in a rough economy.

Seeing myself pick up some new funding in a rough economy -- mostly in the form of . . .

GIGS! My very favorite new gig is one where I pretend to be an emergency room patient. Usually there's a mannequin, and I'm either the mom of the sick mannequin or the roommate of the sick mannequin, or the voice of the sick mannequin, and real, live doctors have to go along with it and pretend I'm real! Amazing.

The Olympics! I wish they could be every year.


My meditation kick.

Teaching with Monkeys at Loyola Park, Columbia Explorers, Avondale, Lorca, Dixon, Kohn, Paderewski, and Chalmers.

Battlestar Gallactica. I watched the whole series this year, and I'm sorry it's behind me.

The Wire. Finished this year. Ditto.

Making a dystopian action flick with 7-9 year-olds.

Visiting the VCFA family for the Alumni Mini-Residency.

Playing Bibi in The Apple at the Neo Film Fest.

Playing Magic Star, the urine-colored My Little Pony at the Neo Film Fest.

Doing enough goofy performances in one summer to warrant a PRODUCE TRIPTYCH!

(Performance pics by Evan Hanover)

Studying Spanish at Digame.

Sharing Girlpocalypse with Laura. FAIR WARNING: Girpocalypse may not be suitable for angels or children.

Finishing a new draft of my novel -- one that is feeling like a real, live book!

Going to my reunion and feeling like things have moved in a net positive direction this decade.

RED HAIR!!! I still love it. I don't care if the children give me funny looks! It makes me happy.

My sweet, funny dog Parker. She died in November. I haven't brought myself to blog about it -- just this much is making me cry. But 2010 was her last, great year.

Spending Christmas in a beautiful place with my rockstar family.

(Pic by my rockstar Dad)


Uma Krishnaswami said...

So sorry about your dog, happy to hear all the good stuff, and thrilled to hear about the novel draft. Keep me posted.

Rachel Wilson said...

Thanks, Uma! Parker's passing was rough, but if it had to happen, it happened in a relatively easy way, and that is a blessing.

I will certainly keep you posted!

ElphiaDesigns said...

I was just going to leave a message that I absolutely loved your "dystopia dream" and your writing style...but then I scrolled down and saw Parker. Made me tear up. My husband and I love bostons, seriously. We have one who is 11, OLE (we live in MN!). But, we mourned the early death of Abby, the sweetest dog/boston I ever met about 5 years ago. I still think of her often.