Friday, June 1, 2012

All the things

It's been a busy life, you guys. I went to Barrel of Monkeys' Big Prom!

Why, yes, that is Matthew Broderick and Mia Sara on my Prombassador pin.

I visited those schools, making my first school visits as an AUTHOR-to-be. That felt a little surreal, but oh so good. The AUSL Schools of Excellence were excellent and covered with life-affirming messages, even in the stairwells: 

I helped the students write bios and choose excerpts from their writing to share on display boards for their celebration. They asked great questions and said smart things along the lines of, "Isn't it interesting how the protagonist in a dystopian novel is often a member of the society that's being critiqued? For example, in Fahrenheit 451 . . ." That was an 8th grader.

They really did have faces. I've just blotted them out for privacy.

And my poor puppy had an allergic reaction! He was actually pretty happy when this picture was taken, but he looked like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloon.

Since then, we have started a food trial, discovered all the messy side-effects of steroids, and spent lots of money. It is going okay.

The Loyola Park After-School Program wrapped up for the year. More on that to come.

I acted in the Monkey Morton and Dixon shows and the matinee plus evenings round of Grandma.

I sang with Laura on Laura in a Yelp Song! Walgreens Madrigal:

I blogged about my hood at Quirk and Quill and guest-blogged about Zombies for the Neos. 

Amidst all of that, and oh so much more, I've been advancing with my current novel in progress. It makes me feel like this, which is real good:

Now I'm getting ready to do Celebration of Authors -- the 300 something seats are SOLD OUT! And I get to play a nervous werewolf, so I'm pretty psyched.

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