Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do Not Obstruct

I took this with my phone at the last residency in Montpelier. I'm liking the anarchy symbol beneath the "DO NOT OBSTRUCT ENTRANCE." I don't think of anarchists as putting up obstructions, but this one's saying, "Yes! OBSTRUCT! I'll obstruct as much as I bloody well like." Anarchists are mostly British in my experience.

Anyway, the pairing of these two signs suits my mood -- contrary for the sake of being contrary, throwing up blockades out of boredom. I really have no good reason to be bored. It's just that the last week's been so full and fun, even a little bit of downtime brings on that mix of nostalgia and shame that can hit after unwrapping presents on Christmas morning.

On the thesis front, I found an article today that made a distinction between magical realism and the marvelous real that I really needed somebody to make for me. So that's swell.

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