Monday, August 18, 2008

Go see the play in a pool!

Pic by Logan Kibens

Fake Lake, written by Sharon Greene and directed by Halena Kays, is so lovely. And my friends are so good in it. And Misha Fiksel's music's perfect. It's a surreal experience, completely engaging. I spent the first half beaming and the second mesmerized by the sense of doom that pervades the whole piece.

Pic by Erica Dufour

Plus, it made me think about one of my favorite narrative genres . . . apocalypse. A couple of these young adult characters are waiting for the end of the world, because, as Sharon puts it, they can't imagine change except through disaster. That resonates with me personally and also when I think about adolescents I've taught. It's dangerous thinking, and still, even now, I find myself yearning for adventure and change and wilderness.

Disaster's not the only way to find it. I hope.

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