Monday, September 8, 2008

Cave to cave

I needed the weekend in the woods. It did me good. Even with it raining through both nights.

We holed up in a tent and played cards and Blair Witch Project.

Parker made me proud. She climbed glaciated boulders like a mountain goat, pranced through the muck and then rolled herself dry in a meadow turned bog, and as soon as the sun went down, she scraped on the door of the tent and put herself to bed while the rest of us made dinner over a soggy fire. She gets how nature works.

The tent was cold, but it made a cozy cave for a couple of nights. Now I'm back in the thesis cave, and that plinking sound is not rain but me tapping endlessly on my MacBook keys. Wednesday morning. That's when it's due, and I hope, hope, hope that it won't need major fixes after that.

As long and winding as this project's been, it's actually got me thinking about academia again. I like caves.

Currently reading: The Night Swimmers by Betsy Byars

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