Friday, September 12, 2008

A good day, in spite of my confusion about the political climate of my country

I turned my thesis in, on time, around 6 am Wednesday morning. Then I slept.

Got a response back today. It was well-received. I'm trying to resist exclamation points, but seriously . . . this is sweet!!!

After a few small changes, I will be DONE with critical work for my program. Next packet I get to work on my novel.

And today I planned a daring trip to a beautiful place, and ran into some old friends, and saw the play in a pool again. And as to the disclaimer in the title of this post -- I'm in such a good mood, we're not even going to talk about it.

Currently reading: Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden.

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Gwenda said...

Yay! Go on with your bad self.