Thursday, December 18, 2008

Down, another shade of cream

I'm in Birmingham. I sneaked away without telling you.

In Birmingham, there are organic snacks to be eaten, and premium channels to be watched, and baths to be taken, and a million shades of cream -- mink, and moonstone, and ecru, and eggshell.

The temperature is 65 degrees, more than four times Chicago's 15.

I'll be here until the 26th, when I sneak away again to Guatemala. Let it be even warmer there.

The other day, in Chicago, my car doors froze shut. Froze shut to the point where, when I tugged at the door handle and leaned backwards, I feared breaking it off. I am stronger than the door, and the ice is stronger than me. I was able to open the trunk, and because I'm a messy person, I happened to have a spoon there. I used that spoon like a lever around the door frame and cracked it open without doing damage.

Last night in Birmingham, we got warm and turned on the AC.

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