Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Smooches! The results are in . . .

The official results of the "Who's Reading Rae Rae?" Poll:

People who used to kiss me
3 (12%)

People who want to kiss me
5 (20%)

Friends who are thinking about other friends of theirs who might want to kiss me
10 (41%)

Friends who think I am a craze for making a poll about kissing
8 (33%)

Strangers wondering why I'm obsessed with kissing today (it's finally spring in Chicago y'all)
2 (8%)

My family - um, awkward!
1 (4%)

And what have I learned?

At least five people want to kiss me. Not bad.

I shouldn't get too excited about those five people because I know for a fact that one of them is my Mom. Seriously, my Mom! She told me on the phone yesterday.

People who want to kiss me respond much faster than people who don't -- a gazilion times faster. Obvious, right? Still, I didn't anticipate it. Here is a motivational tool that bears keeping in mind.

Based on the co-occurrence of votes, at least one or two people who "used to kiss me" still "want to kiss me." Allowing for the possibility that this, again, is the work of my Mom, this points to some degree of user satisfaction.

Most of the people who read my blog are friends, which means a) only friends read my blog, b) strangers who read my blog identify with me SO quickly that they FEEL like I'm they're friend (watch me wishful think), or c) strangers are, for the most part, not joiners-inners.

A lot of my friends claim to be thinking of people who might want to kiss me. Great. Less thinking, more kissing.

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