Monday, March 30, 2009

Kids and kudzu

Great writing morning -- some revision, mostly new work resulting in about 1,800 words that I think I can actually use. Of course, give it a week, but it put me in a great mood. I clarified some backstory for myself, answered some character questions, and figured the thematic weight of kudzu.

Yes, that's right. I'm writing a book about kudzu.

Lies. I'm a liar.

Then I watched my after-school kids perform their adaptations of old Monkey classics like "He Wrestled a Bear" and "The Bear with Steel Wings Tells about Opposite Day." Kids like to write about bears.

Currently reading: Extras by Scott Westerfeld


td said...

I used to do some free lance writing for an editor friend who worked for some RV magazines... yep.... RV's. So the short straw I always ended up drawing would be the one where I'd have to wax poetic about some hot RV location which I'd never been within 1000 miles of. I was always afraid that someone would realize that the number of times I used "nestled" would be a dead giveaway that I'd never been there.

But they never noticed. Or if they did they paid me anyway.

Rachel Wilson said...


For better or worse, no, I'm gonna just go with worse, I've had plenty of up-close and personal experience with kudzu. And I hope I never need to use the words "nestle" and "kudzu" in the same sentence.