Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday plot points

I spent this Sunday rehearsing the role of Kathy the Fighting Chihuahua. Buying a new heating pad for my old lady knees, which do not like pretending to be a chihuahua. Sloshing through ice-soup while wearing sneaker with holes in them, hood up to avoid ice croutons falling from the trees. Lusting after modern, simplistic furnishings that I can't afford. Purchasing healthy foods that I'd better start eating more often. Checking out books for my bibliography and my lecture. Watching two Wire eps back to back. Reading E. Lockhart's Dramarama from cover to cover, all 311 pages with barely a break. The lady can write.

Tomorrow will be my last appearance in That's Weird, Grandma for many moons. Come and hang out if you're so inclined. And while we're talking Monkeys, check the new Dog Was Dead Remix podcast.

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