Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monkeys Sing

A new Barrel of Monkeys podcast is up. It's "My First Girlfriend," one of my favorite Monkey songs of all time, based on a story by an awesome kid I taught, and I'm one of the backup singers on it.

Jonathan Mastro wrote this song as his last hurrah before leaving Chicago for Maine. John Dixon did the rapping right before he moved to New York. And Eric Silverberg is the voice of an angel, which now can only be heard in California. So basically, the progenitors of this song have scattered to the corners. All the more reason to take advantage of hearing it via podcast.

ALSO, the two things I spend most of my time doing are studying YA writing and working with Barrel of Monkeys. Behold! The two worlds collide!

A podcast all about Stephenie Myers' Twilight series used a Barrel of Monkeys song a little less than halfway through this episode. The song is our most popular iTunes download from our second CD, written by Mike Spatafora and performed by country artist and Monkey friend Robbie Fulks. It's actually sort of hilarious that the girls who chose the song make a disclaimer that they don't love the music, but they love us, so that's nice.

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