Saturday, March 21, 2009


St. Patrick's Day, Donnell's birthday . . .

. . . and spring SPRING!!!! have all conspired to make the week and the weekend indistinguishable over the past seven days, which means that fun and productivity have felt interchangeable all week long. Here it is Saturday night, and I've just wrapped up my second good writing session of the day. I don't feel deprived. The night is young.

I'm afraid that my energy for this blog (for anything else really) is waning as the demands of my novel pick up . . . I've got somewhere between 60 and 90 pages of a new draft. Oh so far to go, but I'm writing a freaking novel. That's happening. I'm aiming for a passable draft that I can shop around by the end of the semester. This is the goal.

Yesterday started with some serious writing followed by a burst of home-improvement energy. I did all the laundry, dropped off dry cleaning, got groceries, shopped for new towels, and even got a sweet little cafe curtain for the kitchen.

This means that neighbors can't see into my apartment from the back stairs anymore. I've had a sheer curtain up, but it wasn't exactly private. It's amazing how cozy and satisfied I feel after making such a tiny, tiny change.

It is spring! Spring!

In between writing sessions, rehearsal, and some serious afternoon dishing at Leona's -- a ridiculous time and place for dishing, but fun nonetheless -- I also learned how to change a bike tire tonight, and I might just be heading out for a late-night ride.


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