Sunday, March 15, 2009

Small groups of one

We did a podcast workshop for Barrel of Monkeys today, focused on adapting stories that we liked but that never made it into school shows, and, kind of on a whim, we decided that rather than split into small groups to adapt the stories, we would each take one and script a draft of it.


To write in a room full of people when I'm so used to working alone . . . It's a simple thing, but having other people present while working individually in a way that I love . . . bliss. And it was so fun to go around in a circle and hear how each person's quirky voice meshed with the voice of the child author they chose.

The story I adapted was a kid's account of trying to steal a piece of cake and a soda on his own birthday . . . I will let you know when it makes it to podcast form. Meanwhile, check out the current eps here.

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