Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Online living

Barrel of Monkeys is on Twitter, and I'm the Head Twit, for starters anyway. You can follow us at BOM_Chicago.

Know what's a really simple pleasure? Discovering you're behind on a new season of a show you like -- and that you get to play catch-up while fighting your head cold. Survivor Tocantins started without me, but I'm coming to get it.

The last few days have been super productive, so today's cold-induced sloth was okay by me.

Another simple pleasure . . . cheering for rockstar friends.

Like Lacy.

And Lauren.

And Julie Berry, whose debut novel The Amaranth Enchantment released today!

Go rockstars, go!

Currently reading: Paper Towns by John Green


Gwenda said...

Re: Survivor:

"What'a a 'pace'?" may be one of the most embarrassing things I've seen on TV.

finalgirl said...

thank you, my dear...xoxoxo!