Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Before and After

What is more satisfying than before and after pictures? Nothing, I tell you. Nada.

I made these curtains out of kitchen towels, stitching them right onto a suspension rod with some aqua ribbon. The ribbon was the most expensive part of the whole deal -- total cost negligible.

My apartment has a single closet in the bedroom. These exposed bathroom shelves have been bugging me since I moved in -- because I am not the neatest person, and because I don't know how to throw products I don't use away, and because if I'm interested in getting to know you better, I don't want you to be having the following thoughts while you pee . . .

Can one person really take all those vitamins? (Yes, according to my mother. I have yet to try.)

Why does she have so many free samples and promotional materials from Revive? (Monkey benefit meets laziness.) Is her face falling off? (Not yet. So far, so good. But I do moisturize with a passion.)

Who are those cheery people crammed in a tiny bathroom holding toilet paper?

(I used to live in a vegan co-op. That explains lots of things, doesn't it?)

I know, I know, the curtain doesn't cover up the crazy hippies. Love me, love my tofu.

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