Friday, June 19, 2009

Done!!!! (except for the lecture)

I emailed my "degree manuscript" last night (meaning early this morning): a novel, an early reader, my critical thesis, and a cumulative bibliography, for a total of 409 pages. The last two days have been spent proofreading. Only. My eyes are technically still a part of my head, but they feel like they're rolling around out in space somewhere.

It did not help my fried brain when I woke up to hail pounding my window, a huge torrent of water pouring down from the overhang above me, and several feet worth of leaks requiring a mop bucket and three pots. There was no going back to bed.

But even apocalypse can't get me down! Except for that lecture I have to give at the July residency, I am done!

This weekend Parker and I are off to Wisconsin for some lake time and some house painting. No, the computer is not coming with me!

When I get back I promise to upload a video of my dog playing with a giant balance ball! You will like it!

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