Thursday, June 25, 2009

Healthy for now

Along with my program, my student health insurance plan will soon end. It wasn't such a great plan, but it was something. This year, I've received more pleas than normal to help out artists who either don't have insurance or have crappy insurance.

OBAMA! I made phone calls for you. Please, please, let's get something going!

In the meantime, I've renewed my lapsed SCBWI membership and applied for insurance through TEIGIT, The Entertainment Industry Group Insurance Trust. The guaranteed plan they offer in my area is prohibitively expensive, over $1,600 monthly for an HMO. Please! And of course, in many areas, they don't offer anything at all.

I'm checking their individual plans to see if they offer anything better. Fingers crossed.


Gwenda said...

Even if you can just find a catastrophic illness plan (which most student health insurers either have separately or can point you to), it's probably worth it. Lots and lots of insurance plans will make you wait several months to a year to cover pre-existing conditions if you have experienced a lapse in coverage. We were able to find a short-term plan that was pretty cheap to keep this from happening to C.

Rachel Wilson said...

Yep, a lapse is exactly what I'm trying to avoid. Been there, done that. That's a good thought to see if the student plan can be extended into something different.