Thursday, August 6, 2009

Knowing is Half the Battle

I'm going out to see rockabilly tonight at the Big "C" Jamboree, and I cannot wait.

It's my first week back in Chicago post-grad, and the party has yet to stop. I got in town just in time to see my rockstar friends play with The Jenn Rhoads Project. Sooo good. Then I spent all weekend rehearsing That's Weird, Grandma! and did a very fun, very sweaty show on Monday night. The last two nights I met up with friends I hadn't seen in a month or more. And all this week I've been sitting on a new baby, an adorable little goober with a giant smile who is not yet seven months old.

Some writing is taking place -- we're not back up to packet levels, but people, the writing is happening. Right now I'm working on something new-ish while I let the novel formerly known as Touch rest. I haven't decided how much to give away in the title, so for now, I'll call the new baby Greta. It's somewhat fantastical, set in Chicago, and seems to be aiming towards upper middle grade or young YA.

It's interesting to me that while Greta is a very interesting character, she is not the point of view character. This tells me something. Not that I need to make her the point of view character, but that my point of view character isn't as strong as Greta. This is mostly because I still need to figure out what my point of view character wants. I have more of an outline for this book than I had starting out with Touch, but I've managed to outline a plot that doesn't make it clear what the main character wants. Have I learned nothing?

Not to worry, because sometimes the hardest thing to learn is what you don't know. And I know I don't know. I'm aware that at some point I need to figure out what Damian wants. It took me forever to get that through my head with Touch. Even after I logically knew it, I still didn't get it, so it's nice that I now take it as a given. We'll get there.

Also, how did abandoned fridges get to be so evil in the 80's? It just goes to show if you neglect something and fail to show it love, even a fridge, it will turn on you!

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