Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stay Here Forever

So, it's kind of important that you check out this video that some kids made after seeing That's Weird Grandma. It's kind of amazing.

I'm just saying.

Go watch it. Scroll past the picture of Luke and Levy buying my favorite snacks at Costco. Watch the video.

And then come to Grandma and see the story that inspired them. The story inspired us. We inspired some children. There's this whole inspirational circle of life happening here, and it never has to end.

Like the song.

Like this post.

Just watch it.


karen said...

What a great way to get ideas for a show!

P.S. I've been following your blog since hearing you read at Ginger's graduation (well, it was your graduation, too - congrats! - but I was there for Ging...).

Rachel Wilson said...

That's so cool, Karen! Thanks for letting me know.

DinaBear said...

Wow! That video is awesome, it made me feel real warm and fuzzy inside.