Monday, August 10, 2009

More. Better. Now.

I've got to do better, people. It's 11:30 AM. I've written less than 500 words -- and not even story words, exploratory words.

Right now I'm off to babysit. The baby and I are going to have a serious talk about life goals and stick-to-itiveness. Then I'll have a window of time to write before That's Weird, Grandma.

I promise to spend at least an hour of that time writing and NOT thinking about my latest money-making scheme. I've been thinking a lot lately (yes, this morning, while I should have been writing) about artists and money and day jobs. Makes sense. I just finished grad school with its built-in excuse to not work full-time. And I can't let being out of school and the pressure to earn more money take priority away from the writing. If I figure anything out I will let you know.

My "day job" of choice post-college has been work as a teaching artist. I just took a survey for the Teaching Artists Research Project for a study at the University of Chicago. If you're a teaching artist, you should take it too! Tell them how hard it is to get health insurance among other things. I'll be keeping an eye on this study, and I'm really curious to see what kind of stats they get.

Enough. The baby awaits. Come see me play a Disco Girl in Grandma tonight if you're around! It's a sweet line-up right now.

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