Friday, September 18, 2009

Fear Art

I've been making some art -- art that has more to do with space than words. Here's a little sliver of it.

You'll have to come to Fear at the Neo-Futurist Theater to see the rest.

I'm on the "Ambiance Committee" aka The Madelines. I can't tell you what I've done for the show so far because it's secret. I can't tell you what I'll be doing during the show, A) because it is secret, B) because it will change often, C) because I don't know yet, and D) all of the above.

I can tell you that based on the stumble-through I attended last night with about 40 people who are working on the show, I am super-excited for people to come and see what this massive and diverse group of people has made!

After the stumble-through of Fear I started the new season of ANTM. Both were disturbing in their own ways. Together, they gave me one wacky nightmare. As a daughter of privilege, I was going to be forced to walk in a runway show while terrorists threw plague-juice on me. To make me catch plague. It was terrifying.


david elzey said...

one of these days i'm going to have to come to chicago. i've wanted to see a show at the neo-futurist's since i first heard about it years ago.

love the photos.

joyofem said...

I can't wait to see Fear. Which is not a sentence I say carelessly.