Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stuff I did on a Sunday

Today I . . .

Clawed at a wall with my hands and nails, a wall I'd just finished painting, even though the wall was half chalk and came away with the brush. That made the clawing more fun.

Also I . . .

Went mattress hunting in the alleys and found one that didn't smell bad.

I . . .

Used the word "abject" to describe Chia Pets. Found a free TV on Craigslist. Found a DVD player in a hole in the ceiling. Played a hot action figure with blast power. Led a mean sun salutation. Watched more Season 4 of The Wire. Listened to the Best of the Left podcast, which I so love, even when it makes me angry. Prepared for tomorrow's fantasy draft -- for a friend's team.

Yes, I'm a proxy for a hobby.

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