Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I don't hate myself

Sometimes it feels good to hate yourself, as shown in this sweet play my friend Kurt made for the Neo-Futurists. (Via the Neo blog.)

I was ready to hate myself after reading my novel.

The "nap" turned into a good hour and a half of snoozing. I cleaned a couple of things that didn't need cleaning. I lit incense, made tea, walked the dog who already had sore tootsies from a looong morning walk with Larissa. Took my car by a garage, paid some library fines, thought about getting back into World of Warcraft. I basically did everything I could think of to avoid sitting down with my manuscript.

BUT I sat down for a good three hours and read half my novel. So far I don't hate myself.

If I did, it would be okay. I would get over it. It's okay to hate yourself every now and again. Right now I don't.

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