Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Pulaski Day!

It's Pulaski Day in Chicago! That means there's no school (or after-school program) for me to teach. It also means something about an awesome Polish man and the Revolutionary War, but I'm not going to learn you about that because there's NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!

It ALSO means it's March, which means that my deadline has come and gone.

Did I finish revising everything?


Did I get deep into the terrible, terrible middle where I am writing lots of new stuff that I'm confident will make my book better?


So that's what a deadline is good for.

I'm going to keep it up and be ready to send it out sooner than later.

And may I just say, that the beginning of March means something here in Chicago.

The terrible winter is not entirely past, but the darkest time is. Soon we'll be getting that balmy meeting of chill air that scoops across the lake to mix with settled warmth as the sun sets, turning us into empowered, giddy, charismatic creatures of the spring . . .

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Mary Ann Dames said...

Yeah, sure. Pulaski Day. Something we don't celebrate in California. However, spring is always worth celebrating. Daffodils and iris are already blooming in my yard so by the time yours bloom, mine will be long gone.