Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Big Prom

Tonight is Barrel of Monkeys' BIG PROM!

That's right, we're going to relive one of the most awkward nights of young adult life in an attempt to raise money (and do things better this time around).

As I explained in one of the Big Prom promo videos, my school did not have a prom. Instead, we had a Roast Pig Feast at which we, yes, roasted a giant pig, along with our school's faculty.

The closest thing we had to an actual prom was a dance put on by this nice young man's mom.

I was his date, and I hope he won't mind me posting this picture. I don't know him now, and I barely knew him then.

My best friend, and go-to fake date, had an actual girlfriend at the time. And SHE had bought the exact same dress as me, a lavender-sorbet-colored cocktail-length dream with a chiffon wrap that was meant to hang around the front of your neck and trail behind. Very 90's chic.

I wanted to wear that dress, but I did NOT want to wear the same dress as my BFF's date, so I borrowed the above navy number from my second cousin once removed and friend (yes, the Deep South) Annie. It clung exactly right, and it made me feel oh-so-sophisticated. I still have not worn the lavender dream. Le sigh. But it hangs in my closet at the parents' house.

Tonight, I'll be wearing a dress I've worn, I think, four times. It's red, sparkly, frilly, and it's what I would wear to every dress-up occasion if I though I could get away with it. I first wore it in 9th grade to a Coming Out dance. Not normal "coming out" either -- weird Southern debutant/sorority coming out.

The second time (the memory's not sure about this one) was for the Snowflake Ball. I was invited by a friend a year older than me and was one of just two or three kids in my class who got to go. I was so nervous the day of that Ball that I threw up on myself while driving to buy last minute tights and had to turn around. I think I ended up borrowing tights from my mom.

The third time was for an awards presentation at college, when I was supposed be a cheesy host.

The fourth, and last, time was for the first ever Barrel of Monkeys Fancy-Schmancy fundraiser -- I believe nine years ago.

This dress still fits me perfectly. Yes, I might be part vampire. MWA-HA-HA, aging, I defy you!

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