Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nineteen packets down. One to go!

Happy Saturday!

My second to last packet for my MFA program went in Thursday morning, and I got back a response that made me giddy. My lecture on fantastic ambiguity is approved. My first 200 pages of my novel are pretty much in order. I get to include my early reader, Tessa and the Frozen Tundra as part of my creative thesis, and I got to SLEEP as much as I wanted the last two nights in a row!

Beauty! I feel like my superhero from the Scientist/Monster song, minus the mental fragility!

I needed the sleep badly because in addition to packeting, I had the first two performances of Barrel of Monkeys Poetry Show on Thursday morning. I blogged about it over at the BOM site.

To celebrate on Thursday night, I checked out Sharon Greene's story at the 2nd Story Festival. She and the other storytellers (and Monkey Mike Przygoda's music) were great, and I highly recommend checking out the end of festival this weekend!

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