Friday, May 22, 2009

Rain is to acid as sane fabrics are to silk shantung

Sitting on the porch of my tower room by the beach. I don't have a door, but I do have windows on all four sides -- the fulfillment of a childhood fantasy.

Trying to squeeze in writing between bridesmaiding duties, which is going . . . okay. I had a revelation yesterday, but not the time to implement it.

My fingernails and toenails are prettier than they have ever been. I'm about to go get my hair did, and after that I'll be trying to figure out how to wear reverse silk shantung in the rain.

When I first got the dress, I sneezed on it -- a tiny, tiny liquid sneeze, which made a dark, dark mark requiring dry cleaning. Pretend that rain is acid. That's the only way that this dress will survive the day.

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