Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shh! I'm hiding!

You can't see me! I'm in . . .


It's very quiet here, in the basement where I used to write all my high school papers. The old computer isn't here, but the desk is, and my laptop lives here now.

I write thousands of words in the basement, while my parents intermittently feed me tabbouleh and fresh shrimp and sour dough bread, and tonight we'll be going to my cousin's husband's restaurant, Daniel George. It's the kind of place where you can use a phrase like "amuse bouche" and not feel stuck-up. Fancy schmance!

I mean Daniel should be on Iron Chef (which I just saw for the first time the other night and am now obsessed with). He's that good!

I'm supposed to be finished with my creative thesis, aka my novel, by June 4th.

So, shhhhhhhhhh!

Currently reading: Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox. She's some sort of magician, I've decided. I'm jealous. Also, a nonfiction book about urban legends called The Vanishing Hitchhiker . . . it makes me feel academic AND spooky, all at the same time!!! If I thought I could ever get a job teaching folklore that didn't require me to live in the middle of nowhere, I'd be on that PhD in a second. Sigh.

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