Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moonwalks and mermaids

This week I . . .

I made rich people happy by dressing like an astronaut. Yes, I'll do just about any weird thing for money. While helping people find the bathroom and roof access at the planetarium, I said things like, "all systems go," and "careful coming in for landing" to spice up otherwise mundane activities like walking up and down stairs.

I experienced the 70's time warp that is the Bunny Hutch. Do yourself a favor, go to this website and listen to the theme song. Batting cages, giant ice cream, children behind the counter, serious mini-golf . . .

. . . and an arcade with a claw machine full of equal parts candy and ants. The computerized sex tester tells me I am an "angel." Not as good as "hot pants," but way better than "motherly."

The special, special times at the Bunny Hutch were balanced by days of intensive lecture revising and power point design. When I bragged on FB about how awesome I am at Power Point now, a friend pointed me to the Power Point art of David Byrne. How does one man contain so much weird awesome?

The Neofuturists gave me much joy with their staged reading of Cruising at the film fest, as did my TWG friends on Monday night.

On the fourth of July I celebrated the birth of my favorite baby, who I am proud to call my fake niece. I also celebrated good friends, tabouleh, chocolate pie, a crazy Roger's Park apocalyptic warzone fireworks show by the lake, and Lacy's cat Bowie getting along with Parker.

An old friend came to visit me, and because one Bunny Hutch mermaid was not enough . . .

. . . we tore the Northwestern campus apart and found further proof that mermaids do exist. This one likes lemondrops.

Lest you think my life is full of only good things, yesterday it rained waste water in my apartment, and now my bathroom ceiling looks like this.

Uh-huh. But it cannot get me down, because Thursday I drive to Birmingham, and Friday I fly to Montpelier, and on the 15th I give a lecture and on the 19th I give a reading, and on July 20th, I am going to freaking graduate!

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