Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mermaids do Exist

Some of the promised visual aids from weekend adventuring . . . I would show more of the mermaid, but she's not clad. She's elusive, but once you get to know her, she will chat you up. We're like sisters.

She's inspired the seed of a story, which I'll write and dedicate to Nicholas. I'm writing that here so you can harass me, Nicholas, if I don't. How's that for accountability?

Today's work: Great day -- a ton of obsessive revision within two big sections. It was good work. And I woke up with more writing enthusiasm than I've had in weeks. First thing in the morning I journaled about my story, why I'm writing it now, etc. for a good 1,000 words.

I woke up thinking about something I read on a writer's blog -- wish I could remember which one -- about how you have to allow your project to become something different from what it was when you started. That didn't click with me immediately, but it clicked this morning. I realized the story I'm telling, the reason I'm telling it now, has changed a lot since I started, and I've got to embrace that. The raw material I started with could have gone in a dozen directions. That's neither here nor there. I can only write this book, this way, right now, and it will be what it will be. It felt good.

Currently reading, well, read: Good Girls by Laura Ruby

And I leave you with the cover art for the as-yet-untitled CD I'll be making with my new friends -- photos by Nicholopogus. Title suggestions are welcome in comments.

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