Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So it says there right in my tagline that I'm trying to remember the sublime in everyday life.

I submit to you two things:

First, should you ever decide to put strawberries on your cereal, instead of slicing them with a knife, try tearing them apart with your hands. Yank off the leaves, bite off the white part, then rip that sucker apart. It's a unique sensation and a satisfying one.

Second, in the past few days, I've been making good on my promise to pay more attention to writerly doings online. I decided to submit to a freelance gig, and guess who the contact person turns out to be? The woman I subletted from for a year in LA. Hilarious. This is not to say I'll get the gig, but there's something so satisfying about synchronicity. Maybe it's not a rational belief, but I choose to believe in it. I choose to believe that this weird coincidence means I'm on the right path, that I'm moving towards something good.

Using the game as a reward the other night totally worked. I got a lot done. Had a great conference with my advisor on the phone yesterday evening, and today, did a bit more than 1600 words in revision plus gathering material to submit for the gig. Tomorrow, I'll take on some new stuff.

Currently reading: Born Blue by the inimitable Southern lady, Han Nolan

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