Sunday, April 6, 2008


I had an amazing time with Nicholas and friends yesterday, exploring places I hadn't been in years with a friend I hadn't seen in ages and three other amazing folks who I hope to keep in my life. If Nicholas will share some of the photos he took, I'll add visual aids.

I was about to write that it's been a long time since I made new friends. Then, I realized that I've been making new friends left and right this year with finally branching out in LA, getting to know all the new Monkeys back in Chicago, and starting my graduate program. At some point I feared I'd passed the optimal time in my life for making new friends, so I feel blessed that it's been so easy to meet and get to know great people this year. Within our group of five, then six, last night, we had three or four different points of association, but it didn't feel that way. I felt like I'd known these people forever.

We went from Wilmette to Evanston to Rogers Park to Humboldt Park to Bucktown to Wrigleyville and home. We quested for a mermaid, learned about grey magic and Chinese medicine, had curry at Thai Sook Dee, waved at Russian horses, shared some serious sushi, and paid a late-night visit to the lake. The weather made it all the more amazing as it was the first really warm day -- I actually have a bit of sunburn -- and it felt like an invitation to adventure and celebrate. So great to get out in the city with no agenda other than to enjoy the people you're with -- I've been needing that -- and with such great people! Nicholas told me my capacity for love and joy had grown since he saw me last. I have to agree, but it felt good to hear someone else say it, and I'm happy to say the same is true of him.

The Wilmette Barrel of Monkeys show went off brilliantly. We're performing in this deep space, an old movie theater, and showing titles and videos on a screen throughout the show. It was pretty sweet to see such a deep space filled so well and to hear the reactions of an audience with a higher percentage of kids than we usually get for a public show. After the show, I met an adorable girl with blond curly hair -- four or five years old -- and when I held my hand out to her, she kissed my palm and pressed my hand to her face. I take that as a good review.

No writing yesterday what with all the adventuring, but today I did another chunk of revision with some new stuff: 1,671. I was pleased when I checked out my page count to see I'm doing better than I thought, but I need to work steadily until my next packet's due, and I have a bunch of reading before I can write the paper I want to do on using memory vs. flashbacks.

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