Friday, April 11, 2008

Knute Rockne goodness

Last night I went out to Munster, Indiana to see the new musical Knute Rockne All-American -- yes, a football musical -- which several Monkeys worked on. Geoff Rice was fabulous as always, part of an amazing cast singing good stuff written by musical wunderkind Mike Mahler. This show's drawing theater fans, but a lot of Notre Dame fans as well, who sing along with the fight song at the end.

One old man in front of me talked a couple of times during the show to let those around him know that he knew what was going on in the story -- usually, in an audience, this really annoys me -- but something about this guy warmed my heart. He was so into it. When George Gipp's first introduced, he said, "Sign that boy up," and later, of course, "Win one for the Gipper." It was pretty sweet. The lesson: know your audience.

Wednesday and today combined, I did a lot of revision on two sections of around 3,000 words each, and I'm about to do a lot more. I'm mostly working on the opening of the novel, what will likely be the first two chapters or sections, and each time I work on it, I feel clearer.

The new stuff I've been doing has been more frustrating, or maybe scary's the right word, because I've been working close to the end of the novel, and I feel like until I get the beginning in order, it's going to continue to be foggy.

Yesterday was a great writing day though. 2,437 new. Most of this was a completely new scene that made me feel like I finally have a handle on what one secondary character is doing in my story. Highly satisfying.

Just finished reading: Tangerine by Edward Bloor. Nice one.

Tonight I'll be enjoying Picked Up at the Neofuturarium -- Episode 1: Unitards

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