Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rock on

Acccckkkk! I got so much done yesterday, even after I posted. Super-gratifying. And when I add up what I've got so far to put in my packet, I have more than enough pages. That doesn't mean I'll stop working, and I still have a giant paper to write, but I've been working along on that, and it's nice to know that if I caught meningitis -- knock on wood -- and couldn't be creative for the next few days, I'd still be able to turn stuff in.

The first episode of Picked Up rocked it last night. The show's creators, Jay, Dean, and Ryan, are smart men -- if you go they will do a funny dance for you. All the actrons -- lots of Monkey love in this one -- they got the beat, yeah, the kids got the beat. If you're in Chicago, try to see some of these guys. I'll be in Lauren Sharpe's episode May 1, 2, & 3, but the show's designed for you to have fun seeing more than one.

Monkeys rocked Wilmette, and after that, I rocked a Merlot-flavored ice-cream cone from the place down the street. Later on this weekend, I'm going to rock some skeins of Baby Cashmere yarn I got from my favorite discount yarn store elann. They're getting turned into the Wine and Roses Mitts from Interweave Knits mag.

Basically, a whole lot of rocking's going on.
Currently reading: Whirligig by Paul Fleischman

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