Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Picked Up

It's officially here. Two more rehearsals, and we'll be performing "No Place Like Home" for real live people. Lauren Sharpe's the head writer/director/theme song singer, and she's worked really hard. For folks unfamiliar with the content of Picked Up, it's based around the longing to sell out -- six head writers write six sitcom pilots, one to be performed each week.

Lauren will get chained to a wall, strapped to a wheelchair, put under heat lamps, and interrogated about her pilot, and at the end the audience gets to vote whether or not it gets Picked Up, so come out and be judgmental -- I mean, gentle, be gentle. Here's the trailer the head writers put together . . .

For some reason the first thing YouTube offered to show me after I watched this was a video called, "Language is a virus from outer space." For some reason they think the Neo-futurists are out there. What's that about?

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