Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miss Hawaii

Taught at Chalmers again today. I'll be blogging about that soon enough for the new Barrel of Monkeys blog, so I'll hold off here, but it was grand. In between that and a Picked Up rehearsal, I finished Getting Near to Baby, did a bit of work on an idea for a picture book (writing AND drawing), although I'm way out of practice at the latter, and, oh right, BOUGHT A UKULELE.

I have officially joined the Quirky Girls Club, and every quirky girl needs a ukulele. Clowns and Monkeys, Kristie, Lauren, Sarah, and Halena have them. New Monkey Whitney has an awesome fluke one. Neofuturist Chloe has a nifty, Medieval-looking one -- or is that a mandolin? Supercool children's author Laura McGee Kvasnosky has one that she plays on school visits.

And now I have one too. It is red . . .

And I look just like Miss Hawaii 2006 when I play it.

Currently reading: Behind You by Jacqueline Woodson


johnny said...

congratulations on the red uke! they're too much fun. a uke jam session soon, perhaps? :)

Rachel said...

As soon as I actually learn to play it!!!

Spice Girl said...

How funny--I was driving home from a trip to Boston today and the memory of Laura Kvasnosky playing her ukelele popped into my head! Have you got special access to my brain waves?