Friday, April 4, 2008

What time it is in my head

So, on my Google page, I have a theme up that changes pictures with the time of day. It honestly surprised me to see the nighttime picture instead of the afternoon one -- even though it's well after 9 pm.

Yes, the computer just told me it's nighttime. Little sleep last night (though I did get a ton of reading in) and another early rehearsal. Luckily, Wilmette opens tomorrow so I'll be able to write in the mornings again. It makes a big difference.

Speaking of which, come see the show, yeah!

1,516 revision, another 250 new. I might have gotten some clarity on a couple of points -- I've been bothered lately by "the facts" of my novel, timelines, consistency, and I made what I think are a couple of good decisions about that -- but today didn't feel good overall. And that's got to be okay.

I feel a bit like I'm trying to hold onto one of those slippery hot dog toys -- does anyone remember what those things were called? They were red-orange, a tube that rolled into itself, probably toxic, filled with liquid, and sort of repulsive to look at. Am I the only one who remembers that particular eighties make-your-own-fun toy? While I'm working on one end of the novel, the other slides out of my hands. Got to keep pushing through this junk.

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Spice Girl said...

You're holding the hot dog; I'm herding cats. When one line of the plot is gathered safely in, another breaks out. Sigh.