Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Did you know that karaoke can save the world?

Barrel of Monkeys is having our annual Monkey-O-Kee benefit! It's this Sunday, and I would love for you to come and/or donate money online!

This is the place to do it . . . Monkeyokee 2010. It's easy to buy tickets (plus two free spins of the prize wheel) or to donate money in $10 increments.

We all know, and will keep hearing, that the economy is making it hard for non-profits. It's true that giving is down.

This company is a big part of my livelihood (both financially and spiritually). I believe in the work we do. I spent Monday doing a show at the Kohn School, about as far south as you can go without entering Indiana, then taught afterschool on the far north side. Yesterday I worked with fourth and fifth graders at a new Monkey school way southwest where kids are really struggling with writing, and today I taught fifth graders on the far south side at a the Dixon school where kids recognize us from past years and welcome us as part of their community.

All three places need us in different ways. Please consider donating some money to keep us strong! And tell them Rachel sent you! It is good for my Monkey street cred.

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