Thursday, January 14, 2010

I joined a gym . . .

. . . for the first time ever in my life.

It has a pool. I swam more than half a mile and was real embarrassed about how many times I had to stop to catch my breath. I mean, back pressed against the wall, heart beating overtime, trying not to show how badly I needed to catch my breath.

But I felt really good about it because I've "returned" to swimming before, and I know it doesn't take that long to feel strong at it again.

Perhaps unsurprisingly when I went to bed without setting my alarm, I slept until nearly three in the afternoon. It's okay because today was a stay-at-home day. I have things to do but no set time in which I have to do them, but I did NOT see that coming.

Now I need to novel. I wrote more than 1000 words yesterday, not necessarily words to use, but words to get me going. I'm going.


david elzey said...

going is good.

today, jess dils gave a lecture on how being active stimulates the brain and allows us to be more creative. not that it's really any surprise, but it was nice to hear the science behind it.

good or bad, keep logging those words.

(still missing you in the wine pit, btw)

Mad-hatter said...

I have the same problem with the gym!

Good blog!

Warm wishes from Australia.