Thursday, February 11, 2010


I just held that bat up and barely made contact with today.

Yesterday, I'd set my alarm for 7, but felt so crappy with a sinus infection when I woke up that I reset my alarm for 8. EXCEPT that I fell asleep while resetting the alarm? Or something.

Then my dog saved me by licking my face at 9:15.

On a normal day, this would have been plenty of time to get to my teacher meeting WAY on the southside fifteen minutes before class.

As it was, it was kind of a miracle that I made it to class with not a minute to spare. See, my car was plowed in -- snow one foot high and 3 feet out from my tires, and I don't own a shovel. So I kicked it around with my galoshes on. I LOVE my galoshes! And scraped at the the windshields wearing my ski gloves, and I got the thing out because my car may be old but it does have some four paw pickup as we used to say of the family dog.

It got free. I got Dunkin' Donuts on the way. One of my co-teachers gave me Advil. Once it put out the pounding headache, teaching was lovely.

As I tweeted, my favorite moment involved a girl choosing between playing Invisible Girl and Nose-Picking Boy. She stared at her choices, so serious, for a really long time, and then said, "They're both good."

So far this week, I've done lots of good teaching, made revision progress, started a new round of Grandma, and tested several boundaries. I've been having good nights with friends -- making February less mean. Today I went swimming, and after I sat in the steamroom and let it wrap around me and burn the inside of my nose in a good way.

So today may not have been super productive, but I'm happy and I can breathe through my nose, and for me, the day after a Chicago blizzard, in February, that's an accomplishment unto itself.


Susan said...

Just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading the past few entries.

Rachel Wilson said...

Thanks Susan!