Friday, February 5, 2010

Five acts

Over the last couple of days, I've been trying a new outline.

I broke my book up into acts -- five of them, because if it works for Shakespeare . . . T.S. Eliot thinks he's a hack, but I still think he's pretty swell.

I think it might want to stay this way, with act and scene breaks rather than chapter breaks. And moving one pivotal scene has cleared up a lot. I think I mostly have scenes to add rather than major revision to what I have now. That means the book keeps getting longer, but I can always cut it back later if I need to.

End of February, people. There will be a draft. And I will be asking agents to read it.

As for today, it's 9AM and I'm already through with Act One.

Act One: Writing
Act Two: Voice work
Act Three: Dentistry
Act Four: Spy games or Cardio
Act Five: Jazz

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