Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh, yes.

A) I discovered She Writes today via publicist Lauren Cerand on Justine Larbeleister's blog.

Said discovery paid off immediately as . . .

B) On She Writes, Lauren B. Davis posted the exact thing I needed to read today. I've linked to her blog: 10 Questions Never to Ask a Writer.

I like when people ask me about what I'm working on because it means they care, but the answers are not always easy, and it's hard to explain why without feeling ungracious or pathetic or both.

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DinaBear said...

I feel that way when people ask me about my thesis. What am I writing my thesis on? they ask. It's a complicated answer. I think I have discovered how to respond in a way that doesn't require me to explain a whole lot, a nice middle ground of sorts. I also appreciate it when people show interest, I'm thankful for it, but I still feel weary too.